Magdalena Collins
Magdalena has spent her last 8 years pushing the boundaries of fine art. A self-taught photographer covering genres such as landscape flora, wildlife and documentaries photographs.


Magdalena has been shooting some beautiful scenery of Mother Nature for six years. She travels with her partner across Arizona, California, Scotland, England and Wales, to photograph different scenes. After she took her first ``snapshot`` of nature she was driven to continuously improve her photography. Her passion for photography entices her to learn more and more.Magdalena is based in the UK but was born in the Czech Republic. Her daughter and family live in California, affording Magdalena the opportunity to travel to the US to shoot expansive scenes. This beauty of nature primarily includes plants, flowers and animals. Magdalena started to photograph flowers using macro lenses to bring out all the detail. After six years she used her work to produce her project ``Love of Nature``
Magdalena continues with her work
Digital manipulation of real photographs taken of our natural world, landscape, waterfalls, flowers, including birds, butterflies. Sometimes she use for composition own portrait photography.


Magdalena decided after many years of focusing on photography to move forward using her experience to make her project. The detail of her collages require hundreds of hours of work to produce a large format image. She says that the camera is a tool to document the details of life. You see deep emotion, the beauty of nature and it doesn't matter where you are. Everywhere has life. You just need to go and take the photographs to study it.
From travel to the first project


Travel to photograph the beauty of nature is not always easy. You need good conditions and sometimes to spend hours walking with heavy equipment and then focus to take the shot. However, that is her love of photography and she gets enjoyment from it.
Project ” Love of Nature” is collection large format images such as 120cm x 170cm, made up of hundreds photographs and stack to one large format. Some of which explore detail using macro lenses. The often pain stacking process is extremely time consuming, but the results are spectacular.


Love of Nature 2021
Magdalena’s art work is a focused on our beautiful planet. It is her desire for everyone to keep our planet safe for another generation.

/ 2021

Magdalena's art work is a culmination of hundreds of hours of digital design work using material from thousands of photographs taken over many years. It reflects the creative vision. These picture present an environmental utopia of natural world.

Please have a look to project `` Love of Nature `` is in Vertic Gallery Collection

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